Rose Beach

Picture Page

Here are some recent (from about January  to the end of March 1998) pictures.  Isn't she just the sweetest?

Here she is helping mommy and daddy with the junk mail -- isn't she so helpful?


Here she is playing with her equally cute mommy on the floor:

Here's my smart little engineer, showing off for daddy:


And after a hard day's play, a girl's just gotta get a nap.  What better place to get one then in daddy's lap?

Here are some pictures of her in the hospital and just after we got home.   The teenager holding her in the second one is CC Brennen, the daughter of a dear friend from work, Theresa Wakefield.

I'll try to update this page every couple of months or roll of film, but no guarantees (see my home page for a couple of excuses!).  Last updated April 4, 1998.

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